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  • Municipalities and Special Districts
  • Institutions and Non-Profits
  • Cooperatives and Public Utilities

Ecolectrics - Autonomy

--- resilient 
& prudent

The 21st Century is ushering in a monumental transformation of the Energy Industry - Broadband, Electric Vehicles, the Internet of Things, Teleservices, Digitization-to-Visualization, and so much more. Communities need to address the strains and pressures of this rapidly change landscape if they want their residents and businesses to flourish. We deliver the key driver for communities - Autonomy.

Our Micro-Grid and Smart-Grid solutions service the need for resiliency, price stability, and accessibility. As an Energy Service Provider, we tackle the immediate energy demands of the State, Local, Tribal, or Territory entity. It is then prudent to formulate a transition plan that will take the SLTT entity well into the 21st century. Our solutions help communities gain the technological edge, and opportunities to reap financial advantages, without placing a financial burden on the community. Isn't it time your community gained a level of Autonomy?​  

Ecolectrics - Connectivity

--- impactful
& ingenious

More than $1B in energy solutions have been delivered to our Clients, beginning in 2008, with the simple interconnection of solar technology for self-generation. The World, however, is no longer simple. It is becoming more and more complex. And with that complexity, businesses need our next step energy solutions to leverage the full value of Connectivity.


Our full suite of onsite generation, storage, management, and delivery assets places the control of the meter in the hands of our Clients. With control of the meter, we provide opportunities to create new revenue streams, prolong the life of assets, and dramatically cut costs. But the benefits don't stop there. Making an investment of time to integrate new energy solutions into day-to-day operations yields 360-degree ROI - Revenue, Brand, and Relationship multipliers.


Isn't it time you leveraged Connectivity to increase your bottom line?

  • Multi-Dwelling Units
  • Big Box and Sales Lots
  • Industrial Mixed Use
  • Multi-National Enterprise ESG
  • Big Data SPS (xDC and ASIC)
  • Utility-Scale IPP (RFP and WDAT)

Ecolectrics - Sustainability

--- agile
& robust

Traditionally, the cornerstone of our energy infrastructure has been the centralized transmission and distribution model. At the dawn of the 21st century this esoteric model became obsolete. Energy must now be robust and agile: it must be a choreographed interplay between centralized power assurance, distributed energy resources, and bi-directional T&D.​

We are committed to developing the new energy infrastructure. With our focus on distributed generation for the utilities and secondary power supply for large energy consumers, our goal is to ensure grid Sustainability.

Fortunately, we are not doing this by ourselves. Multi-national enterprises and World governments are demonstrating leadership and setting ESG goals to help ensure this sustainability.


Isn't it time for you to take up the mantle of Sustainability, as well?

Ecolectrics - Alacrity

--- adaptive & synergetic

We are a company that embraces the 21st century energy infrastructure and the imminent Transformation. Our Alacrity for these new Technologies has been evident for more than a decade. Furthermore, the continued progression of Industry 4.0 will see even greater burdens, and changes, and advancements on our energy infrastructure.

Our Energy Service are leading the charge into the transportation industry with the build-out of EV infrastructure. We are addressing the spatial constraints of major subsectors and pushing for solutions like Agrivoltaics. And as the convergence of Broadband and Power technologies ​open new potential, we plan to be there at the forefront.

Alacrity - Is it something that defines you, too?

  • EV Charging Stations
  • Agrivoltaics and Urban Ag Systems
  • Broadband & Power (IoT, IXP & WBN)
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